CalCoastNews’ Dan Blackburn Ignores Corruption

Aaron Ochs
4 min readAug 11, 2021
CalCoastNews co-founder Daniel Blackburn at the website’s 2017 libel trial (SOURCE: David Middlecamp / The Tribune)

CalCoastNews co-founder Daniel Blackburn is rather predictable. He absolutely cannot resist attacking The Tribune for not doing the heavy lifting in reporting on corruption like his beloved CalCoastNews does. Let me spare you any surprise for his latest screed.

In his remarks, Blackburn ostracizes The Tribune for treating Natural Healing Center founder Helios Dayspring and late County Supervisor Adam Hill with kid-gloves. It’s actually a valid criticism, given The Tribune has written more than a fair share of positive features while accepting his advertising money. There should be accountability on that point.

Blackburn also attempts to presume what SLO County Administrator Wade Horton knew or didn’t know about the federal probe. There’s a lot of speculation but not much substance from Blackburn there.

In typical fashion, Blackburn quickly goes off the rails.

Blackburn also lambasted The Tribune for recently publishing an editorial that he claims “whitewashed” Hill’s actions and telling people to “move on.” Blackburn even claimed The Tribune nearly suggested that Hill “may be in line for sainthood.”


Blackburn also lied to his readers when he wrote The Tribune classified Hill’s recently unveiled actions as mere “allegations” in their editorial. Blackburn puts “allegations” in quotes, but the word isn’t even mentioned in Tribune’s editorial let alone being insinuated that Dept. of Justice court records aren’t credible.

Tribune didn’t exactly tell people to “move on” from developments arising from the Dept. of Justice’s ongoing investigation. What they did write, however, is that rumors swirling about others who may or may not be participants or co-conspirators should be put to rest. Keyword here is “rumors,” not facts. And hating on Hill’s supporters or voters for supporting him is not constructive. And publicly flogging Hill over and over again is also counterproductive? Why? Because he’s dead.

Fair points by Tribune.

Yet Blackburn saw red and blindly assumed The Tribune is hoping for everything to be swept under the rug. This may have been a poor attempt at gaslighting his readers on what The Tribune actually wrote — by…

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