Kevin P. Rice’s Disgusting and Twisted #MeToo Defense

Aaron Ochs
7 min readMar 6, 2020
Kevin P. Rice

Not sure if I wanted to write a column about this. I was rather tempted to let readers judge for themselves the absurdity of Kevin P. Rice’s CalCoastNews column in which he latches onto the #MeToo movement as a “victim” of District 3 Supervisor Adam Hill. Regardless of what happens in the District 3 race, I think it’s important to take into consideration the obscene and wholly unnecessary chaos that’s constantly being injected into our local elections and who is behind it.

I’m not going to dignify his ambiguously worded allegations and give him any more reason to play “martyr.” Last week, I wrote a column that touched on his lengthy record of misconduct, which makes his #MeToo column all the more stunning and sad. I don’t need to go over that record again. There’s a lot of projection going on that not only makes him a hypocrite, but also a disturbed individual in dire need of a psychiatric evaluation.

As I wrote above, I wasn’t going to write a column about his pathetic defense, but as someone who was targeted by one of his vulgar robocalls five years ago, I feel a moral obligation to talk about my experiences and the experiences of others who endured his harassment.


Around February 22, 2015, I was just returning from a Rotary Club presidents‑elect training seminar (PETS) when Morro Bay residents began receiving a robocall, accusing me of being a “vindictive liar” who made crude remarks to an unnamed woman, referred to citizens as “dumb,” and discussed purchasing a gun. The call falsely portrayed me as a young, vulgar psychopath with a vindictive and violent disdain for residents.

When the robocall was sent out, I was president-elect of the Eco Rotary Club of Morro Bay and just returned from leadership training in Los Angeles. Honestly, I wanted to transition away from the politics that I was known for covering out of concern that I was becoming too involved in the partisan rancor. I couldn’t in good conscience continue to spend my time constantly scrutinizing the misinformation and disinformation coming out the same circles Rice was involved in. It was exhausting and at times unproductive. After he was publicly conspiring with self-styled “government watchdog” Julie Tacker to smear my reputation on Facebook, an…



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