Why Won’t the Media Report on Karen Velie’s Mental Instability and Abuse?

Aaron Ochs
6 min readAug 26, 2019
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Aaron Ochs is the author of “Defamers: How Fake News Terrorized a Community & Those Who Dared to Fight It,” a nonfiction uncovering the defamatory, deceptive and criminal practices of online tabloid CalCoastNews.

Every time I read San Luis Obispo County media outlets like New Times or The Tribune fact-check or follow up on stories first reported by CalCoastNews, I notice they prefer to correct or clarify what was originally reported. But they mostly leave the snide up to the anonymous New Times “Shredder.” But every time they mock CCN, they never take into account the depths of CCN co-founder Karen Velie’s depravity.

Velie has undoubtedly become a prominent figure in a countywide conversation, being the “reporter” that’s exclusively reported on “scandals” that are either ridiculously overblown, embellished to the point that readers are unable to discern between clear fact or fiction, or the “scandal” they manufactured is completely bunk. Reminding readers that Karen Velie has a less-than-stellar accuracy record is one thing, but it’s another to constantly overlook her downright pathological and psychotic behavior.

And while it’s crucial to contextualize what she does by mentioning her $1.1 million libel lawsuit loss, it’s even more important to explain why she lost, why she refuses to take responsibility and what she’s done to people who have held her to account. If none of those factors are explained by them, the news media will further normalize Karen Velie.

I’m going to touch on something that happened recently. On Aug. 15, the “Shredder” wrote about the necessity of verifying CalCoastNews’ blog posts, “because you just never know which stories bend the truth and which contain actual facts.” Shredder added that Velie’s “extremely non-journalistic catchphrase” was, “Throw enough shit at the wall and eventually something’s true!” While the Shredder is known for being opinionated, the author doesn’t reveal the full story.

I wrote a comment under the Shredder column reminding readers that CalCoastNews lost a $1.1 million libel suit because they refused to make corrections. Then I received a response from an individual named “Peter Gerold” about a day later. As if “he” was speaking on the website’s…



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